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Pocket Wiki is a note taking editor that uses wiki markup language to display HTML pages. The editor was written in Basic4PPC.


The program supports different markup syntaxes through the use of a custom interface. The editor references a custom interface (written in C# and only consisting of a dozen lines) which in turn references a specific markup language DLL. This structure eliminates the need of rewriting the editor to support different markup languages. Currently supported are Slash (a syntax I created that makes typing on the AT&T Fuze easy), MarkDown.NET (which is widely used - such as on the Picowiki web site) and CreoleWiki (another project here on CodePlex)

Why Use a Wiki?
  • Easy text formatting
  • Internet based technology (wiki)
  • Uses plain text files that can be used with other programs
  • Quick!

I use my Pocket Wiki to store work and personal information in an easily accessible structure.

Possible Uses
  • Create a wiki on the Internet, download, and use off-line
  • Create simple contact lists or photo albums

  • Add FTP for file transfer
  • Rewrite editor in VB.NET
  • Create single interface DLL to support multiple syntaxes - would give import/export capabilities

Other developers are welcome to join!

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